Real Estate Services

Long Center Skyline photo by John R Rogers



  • Strategic procurement of infill lots for development in central, east and south Austin. A true professional player with over 50 high quality projects of new construction sucessfully closed in the last few years.  Laser focus on the highest ROI investor/builder returns.
  • High concentration of ‘off market’ properties for tear down and development; working with the City of Austin Development Center to assist in vetting each project; historical research of record performed for teardowns over 40 years old; working with the Historic Department and City Council to obtain demo permits.
  • Global syndicated listings to garner qualified buyers; delivering the project for a successful closing by performing an initial laser focus on the ’34 outs’ that a buyer has inside a contractual agreement; secure that my builders/investors do not leave any cash on the table when exiting projects.
  • With 36 years as a Real Estate Broker, a deep understanding how to work around the psychological residue from marketplace crashes in the past or future fears
  • Staying current with updated practices, policies and regulations, including ongoing legal and ethics education
  • Thorough understanding of today’s mortgage loan practices; insures facilitation that all the proper moving parts fall in line for a successful closing
  • Close relationships with area appraisers for new construction exits in heated markets
  • Highest and Best pricing for the quickest closing
  • Experience counts ~ $450Million in Residential Sales throughout career to date since 1982
  • Confident expertise and experience to offer the full umbrella of any project that falls within the residential arena.
  • Member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR), ListHub and all digital real estate syndications for worldwide exposure
  • Review *Solds*  to take a look at some of the photos from recent completed projects in Austin, Texas
  • Sample of  successful 4 unit East Austin project 2209/11 Willow; 2 large front units with 2 smaller rear ADU’s ~  Marshall Willis Homes, Inc.