Real Estate Services

Long Center Skyline photo by John R Rogers



  • Strategic pricing to tackle many lines of diversified real estate values in Briarcliff Village and the surrouding Hill Country
  • Expertise on the ’34 outs’ that a buyer has inside a contract and providing a hyper-focus on all contract details to make sure my sellers do not leave any cash on the table
  • How to work around the psychological residue from marketplace crashes in the past
  • Staying current with updated practices, policies and regulations; close work with mortgage appraisers
  • Thorough understanding of today’s mortgage loan practices; insures facilitation that all the proper moving parts fall in line for a successful closing
  • Close relationships with area appraisers
  • Highest and Best pricing for the quickest closing

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Residential Sales

  • $450Million in Residential Sales throughout career to date since 1982
  • Across the board and with every genre of home ownership – the least expensive condominium/townhomes to historic, new construction,  and Briarcliff’s more expensive lake front homes
  • Thorough understanding of the 14 ‘Outside Threats’ that affect how a home resale is valued.
  • Confident expertise and experience to offer the full umbrella of any project that falls within the residential arena.
  • Unique training and skill sets to facilitate compassion and efficiency through difficult psychological events around women in transition through divorce, being widowed or a move to assisted living
  • Facilitator of empowering single individuals to purchase their first home as each situation is unique to them as a person
  • Member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Austin Board of Realtors, all digital real estate syndications for worldwide exposure