Starling Group, LLC

HVAC Efficiency and Design

The Starling Group designs all of the HVAC systems to meet the following requirements:

  • Cooling and heating equipment and duct sizing based on complete and accurate manual J and manual D calculations
  • Design home such that 600 sq. ft. of living space per ton of cooling is met. Homes smaller than 900 sq.ft. are equipped with a mini-split or other appropriate system
  • HVAC equipment minimum efficiency for split systems 15 SEER / 12 EER
  • Gas furnace rated at 80 AFUE or greater
  • Heat Pump rated at 8.2 HSPF or greater
  • Ductwork is masked/sealed at supplies and returns

Insulation and Attic

In Austin’s climate, while you may not see the insulation, it is an important feature of your home. In order to minimize the electric bills, and provide maximum comfort, we provide the following insulation in our homes:

  • Closed/sealed attic system
  • Unvented; polyurethane foam insulation at roof; minimum 5.5″ depth
  • “Total fill” insulation in walls (blown cellulose, BIBS, spray foam)
  • R-50 Batts in the cold floor areas
  • All ductwork is located within the thermal enclosure/envelope
  • Insulation installation meets ENERGY STAR Grade I
  • Insulation contains no added urea formaldehyde
  • Duct and energy efficiency testing performed on complete system

Windows and Skylights

  • Any skylights installed meet current Energy Star criteria for SHGC and U-Factor
  • Window and exterior door glass: -< 0.30 U-Factor

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Exhaust fans venting to outside for bathrooms with a tub or shower
  • Range hood exhaust vents to outside
  • Range hood exhaust fan rated ≤ 400 CFM
  • Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) interior wall and ceiling paint

Electrical, Indoor Water, and Appliances

  • Incorporate a minimum of 4 Energy Star rated appliances and fixtures
  • Install a minimum of two ceiling fans within the conditioned space
  • Gas water heater is tankless
  • All shower heads have maximum flow of 1.5 gallons per minute


Floors constructed of durable, long-lasting materials. This flooring system will not need replacement as often as non-durable products, thus reducing landfill materials and future costs and time associated with flooring repair and removal. Durable floors also help maintain good indoor air quality as they are easier to clean and do not harbor dust mites.


  • Incorporate drought tolerant plants, shrubs, and grasses
  • Protect and maintain trees during construction
  • New turfgrass is planted and does not exceed 2000 sq. ft


Lot locations vary, but generally all of our homes are built in walkable and bikeable communities.

  • Public transit stop is within a 1/4 mile walk
  • There are four or more community resources within 1/2 mile walk e.g. public park, trail, school, post office, community center, daycare facility, community garden, restaurants, etc.

Outdoor Living

We know that in Austin, we like to be outside so we like to provide great outdoor spaces. In all of our homes, you will find a desirable combination of the at least two of the following:

  • Covered, usable front porch protects entry door
  • Covered, usable porch other than front porch
  • One of the above porches is fully screened

Construction Waste Management

Through our partners D.A.R. Demolition and River City Rolloffs, construction waste management includes recycling or salvaging construction, demolition/deconstruction, and land clearing waste to reduce the amount of waste destined for the landfill.