words-blueMarisue Mullins, Real Estate Strategist, has independently closed more than $450 million in Residential and Commercial real estate sales during her career of 34 years. She has provided hands-on leadership and successful management in the development of several Texas real estate companies, which included utilizing a detailed skill set of re-branding, marketing strategy and all aspects of relevant media and viral content for rapid-fire growth.

Currently involved with investment strategies for the procurement of land for development inside Austin, Tx which entails a heavy concentration in the south, central and east side for gentrification. Dealing with zoning issues and older neighborhood tear down structures for sale requires an expertise in investigative historical research due to the city’s stance of not allowing demolition of a property the city’s historic commissioner may deem ‘protected’. Safeguarding clients and investors with a presale demo permit from the city is crucial. I have been in front of the council five times in the past two years and won each case for my clients.

Concentration on both commercial and residential lots for development whether a new house, duplex/condo regimes, commercial mixed use, cafes, music venues or small apartment complex. Front to end involvement with the residential design process that stays current to meet tight demographic demands for the highest exit achievable. Staying ahead of trends to make sure each property stands out on it’s own as unique. Marketing capabilities to exit each property to a more global audience through the Chinese site Juwai.com and the translation capabilities of the web portal LinkedIn; all MLS and digital real estate syndications as standard.

While working for the real estate arm of a Fortune 500 Company, Marisue successfully executed a strategically implemented plan by managing each of forty independent contractors according to their unique attributes. Her focus included delivering curriculum personally developed and presented via training and workshops in order to encourage collaborative working and understanding abundance in lieu of competition. Marisue’s support to the V.P. of the Fortune 500′s firm and her self-initiated strategies for projected expansion goals in her office led to her being gifted with the company’s top Leading Edge Award. This award was given in recognition for Marisue working collaboratively with corporate to turn a low-producing office into the #2 position in the city.

Marisue has served in the past as a Joint Venture partner in the acquisition of distressed real estate for both Residential and Multifamily properties. In this role, she was responsible for the project management and full renovation of each asset, coordinating contractors and designers, and staying current of both the consumer’s needs and marketplace trends for resale and rental leasing prior to completion to expedite turnover.

She also continues to develop diverse strategies for locating investor opportunities within the Multifamily Apartment building arena. Marisue has a national clientele that she delivers both Class B and  Class C properties in Texas with ‘Value Add’ components to increase margins. As traditional Residential sales has continued to remain a constant throughout her career, she has found that she has a great passion for empowering transitions for women who are moving into their first homes, starting out fresh post-divorce, arriving from another country, widowed or end of life transitions into nursing facilities.

She has been facilitating women’s support groups for years and was honored in 2001 as the Keynote Speaker at Harvard University’s Divinity School on the topic of “Weaving New Patterns and Possibilities for Life”. Her current writing project is a book called “Emotional Intelligence inside Residential Real Estate Sales” – a book ever more crucial to interject during the birthing of our digital world.

At A Glance Qualifications

  • Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, 1982 – Present (34 years)
  • $450 Million (to date) in Residential Real Estate Sales
  • Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager, CRB
  • Certified Negotiation Expert, CNE
  • Certified Crowdfunding Professional CCFP
  • Accredited Buyer Broker Representative, ABR
  • Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (candidate), IMSD
  • Leading Edge Award, Fortune 500 Company
  • #4 Top Producer in the State of Texas
  • Rookie of the Year, 1982, MLS Summit Awards (18)
  • Owned Re/Max Franchise, Dallas, Texas
  • Restructured 5 Real Estate Companies (over 3 market crashes)
  • Develop Investor Portfolios and Participated in Joint Ventures
  • Owned high-end boutique Real Estate firm in Boston, Mass (10 yrs)
  • Bachelor of Science, Finance – San Jose State University, 1981
  • Harvard University Divinity School Theological Opportunities Program (1999-2008)
  • Keynote Speaker, Harvard University Divinity School, 2001
  • Honored with “The Private Collection of Marisue Mullins” at the Schlessinger Library, Harvard University, 2008


  • Daily Journal Writer
  • Buddhist psychology
  • Interpersonal neural microbiology
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Live Music
  • Personal growth, Mindfulness, Nutrition
  • Travel and Exploration (domestic and foreign)
  • Volunteering with Compassion
  • Comedy improv
  • Making new connections and friends
  • Family


Marisue pays attention to the details because she believes every moment in life is absolute in itself. By taking time to contemplate through yoga and meditation practices, she gains clarity about life’s greater truths and lives from them. She does what she loves and is committed to helping others do the same through maintaining an active attitude of caring and compassion. Her focus is what is occurring through the journey rather than on the possibility of failing as she continuously challenges herself to go beyond her fears and live her growing edge. She is honest with herself, doesn’t take things for granted and sets clear-cut goals toward her personal and professional success. By preparing for the worst and asking questions, as well as studying successful people, she evaluates risks and learns what’s needed to achieve her next best level with the greatest efficiency. Finally, a core tenet to what fuels Marisue is that she accepts responsibility for her actions. She lives her life by design rather than default and models that as a lifestyle for others on a daily basis.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou